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The name is Eileen, 20 years old. Red hair, useless brown eyes. I currently live in Cologne, Germany.

I like music, lots of music. I like my friends and I like going out but I also like being left alone. I like wikipedia and clothes and hair dye and programming and margaritas and books and working in a club and festivals and cities and genuinely confident people and that I was able to tell Jonny Greenwood that i appreciate his music and people I can’t reach

I don’t like wasting time and the feeling of wet fingers on wood and marmite and driving (fast) and the fact that I'm constantly broke and people I can’t reach


September 19th

I never knew how much I needed this. x
May 22nd

summer is the worst time of the year i swear you can’t even open a window at night because next thing you know you will have yucky moths all over your screen like excuse me i don’t remember you paying rent

May 18th


by Kate Bush

January 25th

ah, anyway. i don’t usually do gossip (i hope i think i know), but this time it’s really something i can’t talk to anyone about, so in order to ensure that i can keep my mouth shut i thought maybe i’d just talk about it on here..